19W at Asian Pacific American Film Festival

19th & Wilson’s film Techfellas was accepted to the Asian Pacific American Festival (www.apafilm.org) and, according to the guys, it was a blast. The event, which took place from Sep 27th – Oct 6, showcased films from Asian American directors, writers, actors, and mostly involved stories representing the Asian American culture. “APA is so well organized by a dedicated crew of volunteers. Christian Oh and his staff are so unselfish with their time and yet sustain an incredible energy throughout the events,” director Eric Espejo reflects.

Not only did this mark the first time a 19th & Wilson film made it into a festival, it was also one of the rare times where the crowd was filled with people they didn’t know. Aaron Goodmiller observed, “It was interesting to see how the crowd reacted to all of jokes. Showing it to our friends is one thing, but getting an unbiased crowd to laugh, that’s something special.”

You can check out pictures of some of the 19W guys at the Festival here.

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