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19th & Wilson Enjoys Triple Premiere Success

Cast, crew and fans alike gathered at Jimmy’s Old Town Tavern in Herndon, VA—braving the elements to show their support for independent filmmakers 19th & Wilson, who premiered three short films at the popular establishment.

Jimmy’s had been the filming location of the 19w short, Happy Hour, the previous winter—a shoot that also saw plenty of bad weather. Actors braved icy roads in the wee hours of the morning to make the film, and were happy to do the same to be a part of its premiere.

The night marked a special occasion for the indie studio, as it was in fact its very first premiere of any kind. “We’d finished three short films prior to Happy Hour”, notes 19w CEO Aaron Goodmiller, “but were very low key in terms of premiering them at the time.” Because many of the people involved in the making of Happy Hour had also participated in the previous shorts, “This was the perfect place to show them all at once.”

The premiere opened with the geek comedy, I.T. Never Ends, which was punctuated by laughter at all the right moments. “It was really great to see a room full of people reacting that way ”, said Donnie Conty, one of the producers of I.T.N.E. “There were a lot of rather technical jokes in there—and they just got them all. It was amazing.”

The comedy was followed by 19w’s highly experimental drama, Pictures, starring Demetrius Parker and Dana Hicks—both of whom were tasked with speaking a fictional language throughout the short; essentially acting out a charade. Filmed in stark black and white, the emotional drama may have prompted more than a few extra drink orders at Jimmy’s!

Last, but certainly not least, Happy Hour hit the screen. The terrific staff at Jimmy’s were as thrilled as anyone, as their ambient tavern took center stage. “Jimmy and his entire staff were so great, so accommodating—we literally couldn’t have done any of this without them”, said Goodmiller. “From start to finish, their hospitality was just incredible.”

The night was filled with laughter, fond recollections and good cheer. “It was a great night for our favorite tavern, and it was a great night for 19th & Wilson.”