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19th & Wilson Completes Fifth Short Film

The creative minds at 19th & Wilson have completed filming of Home Invasion, a seven-minute short written and produced for the Amazon.com/Tribeca Film Festival Online Contest.

Taking advantage of a mere 30-minute window at dusk, directors Aaron Goodmiller and Eric Espejo filmed an extensive tracking shot on location in Reston, VA that had been practiced the entire day. “It was one of those things where we knew—if we want to do this right, we may only get one shot”, explains Espejo. “We can’t control that kind of lighting, or the weather, so we simply made sure we were prepared to get the shot we wanted when the time came.”

The practice paid off, as they were not only able to get the shot they wanted—they managed to film three takes.

The film’s premise centers on a mysterious man’s journey to a residence, where a housewife appears alone and unprotected. “Of course, there’s a twist” adds Goodmiller.

Home Invasion will be available soon on 19thandWilson.com.