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19th & Wilson Announces Opening of 19w Shop

You can now show your support for independent film by purchasing authentic 19th & Wilson apparel and other merchandise! 19w announces the opening of the 19w Shop, offering t-shirts, hats, coffee mugs, messenger bags and more!

The 19w Shop is part of Cafepress.com, a revolutionary custom gift company with over 2 million customers. “This is a chance for people to make a donation, and actually get something in return”, says 19w chief Aaron Goodmiller. Indeed, with every purchase, a portion goes toward funding the next 19th & Wilson project. “Obviously, not everyone is in the position to be able to invest in a film”, explains Goodmiller. “But folks are constantly telling us how they’d like to help. This is a great way for them to support us, and they get some really cool merchandise as well.”

The shop currently offers a variety of short and long sleeve t-shirts for men and women, sweatshirts, coffee mugs, hats, messenger bags and stickers. Each features the 19th and Wilson logo, and many sport the new “creatively independent” tagline. “19w is growing; people are seeing our work and we’re moving into full-length features—this is another opportunity to get our name out there.”

You can get your own 19th and Wilson gear now by visiting www.cafepress.com/19thandwilson, or by clicking on the 19w Shop link above.

New Look for 19th & Wilson Website

If you’ve followed the work of independent film studio 19th & Wilson, Inc. over the past couple of years, you’ve undoubtedly noticed the recent change in their website. You may have also logged on during their lengthy construction phase, and wondered exactly what they were up to. “When 19th & Wilson began making films,” says CEO Aaron Goodmiller, “we knew that we needed at least a placeholder—an online presence. We’ve come so far in the last couple years, that we simply needed to update the site to better reflect who we are—and where we’re going.”

Like so many other small businesses that enjoy a taste of success, the filmmakers were faced with the need for rapid expansion. “We’ve made it to the point where we’ve completed several short films, and have a number of larger projects in the works,” explains Goodmiller. “The website we had just wasn’t going to be able to handle it anymore.”

Enter 19W Art Director Richard Friend, who was only too eager to revamp the site. “When we initially took 19thandWilson.com online a few years ago, we knew it’d be a work in progress. It was really just an online presence to hold us over while we made some progress with the films themselves—which was obviously the priority.” That progress came fast and furiously. “Within just a few months, we knew we’d have to revisit the website.”

The updated site is geared towards promoting the Northern Virginia-based independent studio itself foremost, rather than any particular film. “From a marketing standpoint, we understand that first-time visitors aren’t going to recognize our films—but our site can introduce them to and reinforce our branding, and that’s key.”

The branding that Friend speaks of begins with the 19w logo, and its dynamic intersection of roads and filmstrips. Gritty, yet elegant backgrounds and other design elements appear throughout the site, carrying forth the look and feel of 19w through color and typography.

Goodmiller was also pleased to finally be able to feature the work his crew has labored so diligently on for the past several months. “Now that we have an actual filmography, it’s great to be able to showcase it.” Both the Filmography and Current Projects pages give visitors a quick visual reference of 19w’s work, along with a synopsis of each film. In addition, the links will eventually direct visitors to complete sub-sites for each project. “The bottom line is that we’re looking to achieve a more comprehensive site. One that will give folks a glimpse at the films we’ve made, as well as the projects on the horizon. More importantly, we want to keep them coming back.”

The new 19w Shop—another exciting feature of the updated site—also promises to be a welcome addition, as fans can show their support by purchasing authentic 19w shirts and other merchandise.

Be sure to bookmark 19thandWilson.com to stay abreast of all the latest happenings!