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TechFellas Premiering at Gardel’s

19th & Wilson is proud to announce an exclusive evening of their two shorts titled “TechFellas” and “I.T. Never Ends”. Both shorts can be seen on March 30th, 2006 at 7pm at Gardel’s. The first show will actually start at 9pm but feel free to come at 7pm to enjoy happy hour and network with 19th & Wilson and other filmmakers in the Balt/DC metro area. As always we appreciate your support and we hope to see you there. Please note admission is $5.

For more information on 19th & Wilson and their short films please visit www.19thandwilson.com

For directions and more information please visit http://www.gardels.com/home.htm

Thank you.

TechFellas iPod Shuffle Contest

When 19th & Wilson decided to release TechFellas in vignette form, they thought, what better way to reward people for taking the time out of their busy days than by having a contest and giving away free stuff?

Producer Edwin Pontanilla thought it would be cool to give away an iPod. “What do people love more nowadays than the iPod?”

After adding a couple of 19w hats and shirts, the contest was set. “Having it run throughout the release period of TechFellas will give fans more opportunities to enter and win while they enjoy the vignettes,” Producer Donnie Conty reveled. The drawing will be held on the Saturday following the release of the final episode, and the winners will be notified by email. Good luck to all!

TechFellas: Putting a Hit On the Web!

The first installment of 19th & Wilson’s eagerly awaited viral video project, TechFellas—a GoodFellas parody set in an information technology office—premiered last month exclusively on 19w.com, and the website has been… well… mobbed ever since.

Producer/CEO Aaron Goodmiller reported over 450 views on Episode 1 within the first week alone. “For a small, independent group like ours—which doesn’t have the benefit of extensive promotion—that was an encouraging sign.”

The short film, which follows the office exploits of systems administrators Henry, Jimmy, and Tommy in a number of surprisingly close parallels to Scorsese’s modern classic, was designed to be a fun vehicle showcasing the creative talents of the indie studio, while generating return traffic to its website. For the latter, 19th & Wilson decided to cut the film into five separate vignettes for serial release. Overwhelming demand after just the first two weeks, however, prompted a faster output; and the producers made the decision to release subsequent episodes every two weeks as opposed to three, beginning with “It Was a Glorious Time.”

“Now it’s just like payday,” laughs writer/producer Richard Friend. “You’ll get your TechFellas fix every two weeks.”

And the props aren’t just coming from local fans. “We’re receiving positive feedback from as far away as Malaysia,” Espejo says. “We are catching a little heat, though—from people anxious to watch the whole thing right now!”

Good things come to those who wait, and after the release of the fifth and final installment, audiences will indeed have the opportunity to watch TechFellas in its entirety.

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