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TechFellas Hits Baltimore

Baltimore hot spot Gardel’s featured two 19w short films—TechFellas and I.T. Never Ends—for its March 30th Cinema Lounge event.

TechFellas writers Eric Espejo and Richard Friend were present, along with actors John Waldron, Phil Piruzzi Filsoof, and Demetrius Parker, among others. The exclusive premiere allowed viewers a chance to see the popular viral video in its entirety, a full week before the fifth and final serial episode is released on the web. Those who attended weren’t disappointed; the films were presented on large screens, and the food, drinks, and Cinema Lounge ambiance made for a most enjoyable evening.

The event also marked 19th & Wilson’s first foray outside of its Northern Virginia base, and the warm reception promises many more to come.

For more information on Gardel’s, and their Cinema Lounge Thursdays, please visit www.gardels.com.

TechFellas can be viewed here.