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19th & Wilson Does The Hollywood Film Institute

Now entering their 6th year of independent film production, 19th & Wilson is crossing above the line from short story tellers to creating full length feature films.

As they build on their years of talent and experience, they are also growing the company. To that end, writer | producer Edwin Pontanilla recently attended a class in Richmond, VA, taught by notable film instructor, Dov Simens. Topics included production, budget, scheduling, directing, shooting, and editing. This was a rare and unique opportunity to learn from the industry’s best and most experienced instructor, as Dov seldom teaches his course outside of the LA, NY, and London markets.

There is a trend in Hollywood, and even the highly accomplished film producers are creating award-winning films on smaller budgets. “Independent films don’t always have to be low-budget/no-budget, but they also don’t have to be made on multi-multi-million dollar budgets, either”, notes Edwin. 19th & Wilson hopes to soon take advantage of film production opportunities in the small to medium budget range.

This isn’t the first time that one of 19th & Wilson’s producers has been taught by Dov Simens. Nearly two years ago, producer Eric Espejo traveled to New York, attending and graduating from Dov’s Hollywood Film Institute. There, he learned about publicity, film festivals, film distribution, and negotiating deals. “I strongly recommend any filmmaker who’s starting out to attend Dov’s course. The content is invaluable and even film students who have attended years of schooling could not have some of the nuggets of info that Dov provides” is what Eric recalls about the course. In return for the knowledge that he gained, 19th & Wilson has hosted successful screenings in Herndon, VA in front of potential investors, and also in Baltimore, MD, where the market for Hollywood film production has grown tremendously in the last 5 years.

For more information about how 19th & Wilson is benefiting from Dov Simens’ classes, or how you can support independent film production in the Northern Virginia/Washington, DC area, please send correspondence via email to: contact@19thandwilson.com

19th & Wilson Hits the Streets of DC for 48HFP

Right on the heels of their “TechFellas” launch on iFilm.com’s Viral Videos, 19th & Wilson is back in action with the 48 Hour Film Project.

The concept is simple: “put up or shut up”!! That is essentially the idea behind 48HFP, which commenced at 7pm at the Warehouse Theater in Washington, DC on Friday, May 5. That’s when 100+ filmmaking crews drew different movie genres out of a hat, and literally hit the streets in order to write a script, secure a set, cast actors, film, and edit a movie between 4 and 7 minutes in length!! Another twist to the plot? There were 3 required elements: 1) A character named Tim or Tina Tate, who, by description, was a gay glass sculptor extraordinaire, 2) A prop, which was a fire extinguisher, and 3) A mandatory line of dialogue, “This is absolutely the last time.”.

48 hours later, after a whirlwind weekend of heavy coffee consumption and very little sleep, all contestants submitted their projects at the same place where it all started just two days earlier. Drama, fantasy, mockumentary, spy, action, horror, these are some of the different genres that the teams drew from. So what did 19th & Wilson draw as their genre?? Come to the AFI Silver Theater in Silver Spring, MD on Tuesday night at 9:30pm to find out, as all projects will be screened only once throughout the week. Order your tickets online here, as they are selling fast:


The 48 Hour Film Project began right here in Washington, DC in 2001 by notable filmmakers Mark Ruppert and Liz Langston. This year, the 48HFP tour will see 30 different cities and over 1,000 teams of filmmakers from all over the country. At stake is continued exposure with backing from 48HFP at other screenings and also at future film festivals. The grand prize this year will include a distribution package.

For more information about 19th & Wilson’s participation in 48HFP, or to find out how you can help support independent filmmaking in the Northern Virginia/Washington, DC area, please email us at contact@19thandwilson.com.

TechFellas Expanding to iFilm

TechFellas, 19th & Wilson’s serial spoof of GoodFellas, has landed a coveted spot on iFilm.com—being featured in its Viral Video Playlist among the likes of The Daily Show, Reebok’s Terry Tate commercials, and others. Each of the five episodes generated over a thousand hits in the first week, and the collection is receiving excellent reviews. You can view them all on iFilm at

http://www.ifilm.com/viralvideo/collection/techfellas, or at the TechFellas website on 19w.com: