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Filming Wraps for “The Department”

19th & Wilson officially wrapped filming on March 11th for The Department, shooting their final scenes at The Bean Scene Cafe in Ashburn, VA. The Department is their forthcoming short parody of The Departed– Martin Scorsese’s Oscar-winner for best picture. And the team that created TechFellas last year is excited about their follow-up.

“It’s another office setting, focusing on the I.T. department,” explain writers Eric Espejo and Richard Friend. “But it equates managers and techies to cops and gangsters, respectively.”

Where TechFellas succeeded in generating internet buzz by recreating key scenes from Scorsese’s classic GoodFellas in an Office Space environment, The Department promises to raise the bar considerably higher. The parallels between original film and parody are even more tangible this time around, as director Eric Espejo recognized the depth of material Scorsese’s latest masterpiece provided. “This type of office setting is actually more believable, in a sense, than TechFellas was,” says Richard Friend. Espejo elaborates, “They’re both clearly parodies, and meant to be funny. We were able to use the structure of The Departed to really play that up.”

Director of photography Chris Nuzzaco and sound engineer John Urman were among the new faces behind the camera for this project, which has yielded a new look of sorts for 19th & Wilson. The group also brought in Stacie Jones, of Black Ink Films, as production manager.

Johnny Alonso, Baltimore native and alumnus of Dawson’s Creek and One Tree Hill, stars as Billy. He’s joined by Justin Hopkins (Colin) and Demetrius Parker (Dignam). But perhaps stealing the show is indie film veteran Joe Hansard (Frank), who turns in a hilarious performance in the Jack Nicholson role.

The Loudoun Times was on hand during the first weekend of filming, and an article about the film appeared in their Go section on Wednesday, March 14th. Photographer Rob McKnight was also on set documenting the making of the film, and has published several behind-the-scenes photos online.

Also be sure to catch Eric and Rich on Kyle Osborne’s Channel 8 show, “Entertainment Forecast”, where Kyle will interview them about The Department. We’ll let you know as soon as a date for the show is set.

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