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19W Meets Martin Scorsese!

With the knowledge that Martin Scorsese was in town, 19th & Wilson’s Eric Espejo, Richard Friend, and Donnie Conty found themselves at the Kennedy Center in Washington DC during the rehearsals for the 30th annual Kennedy Center Honors for the Performing Arts. Legendary director Martin Scorsese was one of five honorees.

After rehearsals for the 2-hour show, which will air December 26th on CBS, the 19W producers had a chance to meet the visionary director for the first time–and had the honor of presenting him with a DVD set that included TechFellas and The Departed!

Understanding the premise of the parodies, Mr. Scorsese examined the DVDs and exclaimed, “This is hilarious! Thank you!” He also recalled an associate as having already seen TechFellas!

Espejo briefly explained the concept and inspiration behind both projects, and how well each has been received online. “They’re internet hits!” replied an enthusiastic Scorsese. “That’s terrific!”

It was a tremendously gratifying experience for Espejo and Friend, who co-wrote both short films and have long admired Scorsese’s iconic work. “To have this chance to meet him, to thank him for what he’s meant to us, and to actually share our work with him–that was special” said Friend.

TechFellas and The Department are both available on DVD at 19W.com.

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