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19W Hosts “Killer Endings to Killer Movies” Event With James Mercurio

On July 17th, local filmmakers, actors, screenwriters, and investors braved heavy thunderstorms to attend 19th & Wilson’s “Killer Endings to Killer Movies” event at the beautiful JW Marriott in Washington DC. Most had pre-purchased their tickets for just $10, and were treated to a wealth of information from two very special sources: entertainment lawyer Kirk Schroder and respected script consultant James P. Mercurio –the type of program that usually takes place only in Los Angeles or New York. The exclusive event was organized by 19th & Wilson as part of a networking initiative for the local film community.

Attorney Kirk Schroder began the evening by giving an overview of the many legal pitfalls that filmmakers encounter, and opened the floor to questions from an eager audience. “This is fantastic,” one attendee commented. “I just got terrific legal advice for my film project, and it was free!” The ensuing Q & A session was brief, however, due to limited time. “I wish we had more time to devote to this,” said guest speaker Jim Mercurio. “I had a lot of questions I wanted to ask him myself!”

Mercurio took the stage for the main event, a two-hour presentation on screenwriting and financing film. The engaging Mercurio (known for the bestselling Screenwriter’s Expo DVD “Killer Endings”) treated the audience to his unique views on film; illustrating the keys to crafting a memorable, effective story. He then explained how filmmakers can secure financing for their projects, and showed the benefits of investing in film. Meticulous notes were taken by everyone in the room as Mercurio essentially gave a clinic, shifting between a comprehensive Powerpoint presentation to actual clips from films such as LA Confidential.

Several guests stayed long after the program to talk film with Jim and the 19W team, and many expressed their gratitude for the event and interest in attending future conferences. “A lot of folks really thanked us for what they got out of this,” said 19W producer Richard Friend. “This was a very informative session for us all, and we’re glad we had the opportunity to host it.”

Jim Mercurio recently produced “Hard Scrambled” starring Kurtwood Smith (Robocop, That 70s Show) and Richard Edson (Do the Right Thing), and is one of the leading script consultants in the country. He has signed on to executive produce 19th & Wilson’s upcoming feature, “Ghosts Don’t Exist”. You can learn more about him at www.jamespmercurio.com.