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19W Announces Casting Call for “Ghosts Don’t Exist”

“Ghosts Don’t Exist”, a 19th & Wilson production is casting a HD full length horror about a ghost hunter whose wife dies and as a result he loses faith in what he believes — prompting him to retire. However, he decides to take one last case when a potential client makes a guarantee he can’t refuse. When they arrive to the home an unforeseeable and shocking event transpires and they struggle with the decision to keep investigating. See www.ghostsdontexist.com for more info. Please request sides and location of auditions from ghostdontexist@gmail.com and/or gdecasting@19thandwilson.com.

Project: Feature film (Red One)
Location: Metro DC area, Virginia
Union: SAG and Non Union
Pay: Ultra low budget SAG agreement
Audition Date & Location: March 14th & 15th 10am-5pm both days, HOTEL TOPAZ:
1733 N Street,
NW, Washington, DC 20036
Comments: Project marks the debut of NFL’s Washington Redskin player, Chris Cooley as Executive Producer.

Opening title credit roles:

Brett, 30′s male lead. The ghost hunter who is ridden with guilt over not being there for his wife when she died in the hospital. A man who’s looking for redemption after he realizes he’s focused on work more than his family.

David, 40-50, male. A critic of Brett and debunker of paranormal activity. Brett’s annoying antagonist whose only friend is a bottle of scotch.

Jen, 20′s, female. Jen is on the ghost hunting team and wants to believe in the afterlife becuase of a dark secret from her past. However, she’s not exactly fearless and getting through the night on a gig is challenging for her.

Richie, 20-30′s male. Richie is on the ghost hunting team and is in it for the money. His sense of humor helps ease the tension during an investigation.

Kurt, 30′s, male. Kurt is Brett’s best friend and was there with Brett’s wife the night she passed away.

Travis Garner, 40-50, male. Travis is the mysterious client and homeowner who makes Brett a guarantee that he’ll find the evidence he’s been looking for.

19w Announces a Greenlight for “Ghosts Don’t Exist”

After spending most of 2008 raising funds, 19th & Wilson is pleased to announce that Ghosts Don’t Exist is moving into preproduction phase (with production slated for May of this year). Thus far, production locations will be in the Metro DC area. 19W is now accepting applications for crew (gaffers, grips, Pas, etc.). Soon we will announce the date for casting calls, which will most likely be in March.

We would like to thank Executive Producers Chris Cooley and James Mercurio for their support, and Producer Tanner Cooley for his significant work on championing the project. We also would like to recognize Tony Cord and Chadleon Booker for their assistance and hosting a great 19W event.

We are excited about the production and feel it creates an opportunity in the DC area for indie film and other businesses that support the arts. Having said that, we are now seeking restaurants/caterers to sponsor a day of food for our film in exchange for credit and publicity. We plan to have certain days when media (such as the popular ESPN show E60) will be on set—this would be great exposure for a local restaurant. Any other businesses that feel they could help the production—please do not hesitate to contact us.

We would like to thank all who continue to support us, and especially thank the following people who have signed on and made the production possible:

The Cooley Zone
Drew Crowder, NVblu, Inc./Live-blu.com
Edwin Espejo, Unisys
John Duffy, Compass Group
Pete Buttecali, Woodpile Studios
Art Bond
Rob and Bonnie Huie
Nitin Adsul, Darrel Cox, Clark McMillian of East West Films
Jason Fabini, Washington Redskins
Jason Cole, DC Hosts