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Donnie Conty Attends VFS Summer Session

19w’s Donnie Conty spent a week in Canada to check out the Vancouver Film School (www.vfs.com). This was the first time VFS offered a Summer Intensive Program where they have 13 different areas of interest to specialize in. Since Donnie has a background in sound, he attended the week long workshop in Sound Design for Visual Media. The VFS campuses are located throughout downtown Vancouver so Donnie got pretty familiar with the city having to walk everywhere.

There were 9 people in the Sound Design class from all over the world. Some were from Portugal and Sweden, but Donnie was the only one from the Washington DC area. They all have one thing in common though, a passion for film and sound. Donnie recalls the first day, “We were shuffled from place to place and the next thing I know we’re in a class discussing the physics of sound. Then during our first lunch break I noticed no one was talking so I tried to break the ice by saying, ‘For a bunch of sound guys, everyone sure is quiet.’” One of the other students just replied, “We’re all just listening–to everything”.

The week was broken up into two daily sessions. Donnie studied Sound Design in Film as well as Sound Design for Video Games. During the week they recorded their own sounds, worked on foley, ADR, and using ProTools edited a soundtrack for a student animation! The week went by quickly but you were so immersed in the experience, you didn’t want it to end. The strangers you met at the beginning of the week turned out to be good friends you’ll miss. All of the VFS instructors have their own unique style of teaching but without a doubt, are all invaluable contacts in the industry.

Donnie plans to make the move to Vancouver in early 2010.