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No, that’s not a generic title that wasn’t changed. That is the title of the latest script written by Eric Espejo.

The story is about Cal, a guy who is held captive in his apartment by aliens who want to learn more about human behavior. This is a contained thriller/sci-fi that can be produced for a micro budget. Eric’s inspiration came from films like 1408 and Moon. It is a study of one man’s character and how he handles the ordeal his captors put him through.

We will be going a different route for funding this film. Because we feel it can be shot on a micro budget, we are going to first attempt to acquire funds through kickstarter.com. This is a great place for our friends, family and fans of our work help us with amounts from as small as $1 to as big as $10,000. As soon as we have been accepted and are up on their site, we’ll make a formal announcement with all the information on how you can help us make this film.