‘Admins’ Main Cast Is Set

It is with great pleasure that we announce the cast members for ‘Admins’.

In our lead roles as Dan and Randy are Jay Saunders and Doug Henderson.

In the role as the love interest, Vera, is Rebecca Wahls.

In the role of the Kathy, the Manipulative Manager, is Devon Saunders.

In the roles of Jake and Rob, the two guys who are better than everybody in the office and don’t let you forget it, are Dylan Hares and Trevor DeSaussure.

We want to thank everybody who submitted virtually as well as those who showed up for the casting call. We have a large amount of small roles available, so if you would like to have a small speaking part in the film still, let is know at admins@19w.com.

Thanks again! and we’ll be updating everybody with more information very soon.

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