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‘Admins’ Main Cast Is Set

It is with great pleasure that we announce the cast members for ‘Admins’.

In our lead roles as Dan and Randy are Jay Saunders and Doug Henderson.

In the role as the love interest, Vera, is Rebecca Wahls.

In the role of the Kathy, the Manipulative Manager, is Devon Saunders.

In the roles of Jake and Rob, the two guys who are better than everybody in the office and don’t let you forget it, are Dylan Hares and Trevor DeSaussure.

We want to thank everybody who submitted virtually as well as those who showed up for the casting call. We have a large amount of small roles available, so if you would like to have a small speaking part in the film still, let is know at admins@19w.com.

Thanks again! and we’ll be updating everybody with more information very soon.


There was a slight mixup in the address posted for our casting call.

It is:

Uber Offices 1400 Key Blvd #100, Arlington, VA 22209

We’re very sorry for the mixup.

Thanks and see you all there!

‘Admins’ Casting Call – May 18th 11-5pm

Due to overwhelming demand, we have setup a casting call for our next film “Admins”.

It will be held on May 18th from 11am to 5pm at Uber Offices in Rosslyn Virginia.

This is a first come first serve casting call.  Even if you have already done a virtual audition feel free to come by and audition in person.

Casting Call Information
Date: May 18th
Time: 11am to 5pm
Location: Uber Offices 1400 Key Blvd #100, Arlington, VA 22209

Cast Information: To begin, just to set the tone, this a parody of Clerks.

Dan - A mid to late 20′s systems admin who feels stuck in a dead end job. Lacks social skills or social life but doens’t mean he’s a full blown nerd. He just has to break out of his routine. Sides
Randy - young desktop support guy who is care free, neurotic, perverted, and not politically correct — the kind that would wear shorts and flip flops to work if he could. Sides
Vera - I.T. project manager who is tough but vulnerable as she has an office romance brewing with Dan. Sides
Kathy - Attractive, confident, leader, she’s a woman of power in the office and turns heads. This role will require some nudity. Sides
Jake - cocky sales guy, bullies Dan and Randy Sides

There are a lot of speaking roles that aren’t in the list of characters as they are bit parts. We encourage as many people as possible to come out to the casting call or submit videos.

If you are unable to make the casting call you can still do a virtual audition by following these steps:

  1. Check the Characters and download the sides for you to act out.
  2. Shoot the video of you acting out the sides. We’re looking more for acting ability vs production quality. In other words, you can even use your phone to shoot it but pull off the scene best as you can (but don’t shoot it in the dark either).
  3. Send us the video or post it up on Youtube, Vimeo, Facebook or wherever you prefer. (Password protect it if you’d like just remember to send us the password). Send us a link or the video itself to admins@19w.com
  4. Follow us on facebook https://www.facebook.com/19thandWilson and twitter @19w to stay current on our efforts to promote the casting call.

Optionally, if you want to share your video on Facebook or Twitter be sure to tag @19w and use #AdminsCasting in your tweet/Status Update.

Film Information
Title: Admins
Location: Tysons Corner, VA
Production Dates: July 18th Through July 27th
Pay: Yes
SAG: No – This is a NON-SAG production.

The last day for submissions for the virtual casting is May 23rd.


No, that’s not a generic title that wasn’t changed. That is the title of the latest script written by Eric Espejo.

The story is about Cal, a guy who is held captive in his apartment by aliens who want to learn more about human behavior. This is a contained thriller/sci-fi that can be produced for a micro budget. Eric’s inspiration came from films like 1408 and Moon. It is a study of one man’s character and how he handles the ordeal his captors put him through.

We will be going a different route for funding this film. Because we feel it can be shot on a micro budget, we are going to first attempt to acquire funds through kickstarter.com. This is a great place for our friends, family and fans of our work help us with amounts from as small as $1 to as big as $10,000. As soon as we have been accepted and are up on their site, we’ll make a formal announcement with all the information on how you can help us make this film.

New Year

19th & Wilson is starting off the new year on a good foot. We have received encouraging news from Producer Billy Peterson in regards to casting of the film “Connected Apart”. As soon as we are able to give a formal announcement on this, we will do so. Rest assured, it is great news and bodes well for the film getting great actors signed on.

New 19th & Wilson Project!

19th & Wilson is setting up to produce a dark dramedy feature centered around today’s obsession with social networking. 19th & Wilson will partner with producers William Peterson (EP for Ghosts Don’t Exist), and Jason Norfolk. Set to co-write and direct is writer/director of Ghosts Don’t Exist, Eric Espejo. Norfolk will co-write with Espejo on the script.

While the project is in development we’ll keep everyone updated as much as possible, so please check back for more details to follow.

Donnie Conty Attends VFS Summer Session

19w’s Donnie Conty spent a week in Canada to check out the Vancouver Film School (www.vfs.com). This was the first time VFS offered a Summer Intensive Program where they have 13 different areas of interest to specialize in. Since Donnie has a background in sound, he attended the week long workshop in Sound Design for Visual Media. The VFS campuses are located throughout downtown Vancouver so Donnie got pretty familiar with the city having to walk everywhere.

There were 9 people in the Sound Design class from all over the world. Some were from Portugal and Sweden, but Donnie was the only one from the Washington DC area. They all have one thing in common though, a passion for film and sound. Donnie recalls the first day, “We were shuffled from place to place and the next thing I know we’re in a class discussing the physics of sound. Then during our first lunch break I noticed no one was talking so I tried to break the ice by saying, ‘For a bunch of sound guys, everyone sure is quiet.’” One of the other students just replied, “We’re all just listening–to everything”.

The week was broken up into two daily sessions. Donnie studied Sound Design in Film as well as Sound Design for Video Games. During the week they recorded their own sounds, worked on foley, ADR, and using ProTools edited a soundtrack for a student animation! The week went by quickly but you were so immersed in the experience, you didn’t want it to end. The strangers you met at the beginning of the week turned out to be good friends you’ll miss. All of the VFS instructors have their own unique style of teaching but without a doubt, are all invaluable contacts in the industry.

Donnie plans to make the move to Vancouver in early 2010.

Ghosts Don’t Exist Production Blog

To follow Ghosts Don’t Exist activities all throughout production, be sure to check out the new blog at http://ghostsdontexist.blogspot.com/. We’ll be updating it frequently to give you behind-the-scenes access every step of the way!

Ghosts Don’t Exist Casting Call Yields Over 200

More than 200 talented SAG and Non-union actors crammed into the Topaz Hotel in Washington, DC Saturday and Sunday, eager for a chance to land a role in 19th + Wilson’s first feature film, Ghosts Don’t Exist. The film, executive produced by Redskins favorite Chris Cooley, continues to garner the positive attention of prospective cast, crew, and distributors alike. The steady stream of actors this weekend was testament to the interest in this unique psychological thriller.

Producers Eric Espejo, Richard Friend, and Aaron Goodmiller—along with casting director Demetrius Parker—carefully observed and filmed auditions virtually nonstop from 10AM to 5PM both days. With their extended team on hand to sign the actors in and keep the auditions on schedule, the group still found themselves faced with a waiting room nearly thirty persons deep throughout the day—a good problem to have when casting. “We had 96 auditions on Saturday alone—which was more than all of our previous (short film) casting calls combined” mused Goodmiller, who started the company in 2001. On Sunday, that number ballooned to 122. “We had a great turnout and are going to have some tough decisions to make,” Parker added.

Ironically—and certainly regrettably—the team actually had to turn a few actors away. With the waiting room and lobby still filled to capacity after 3PM, the group realized that they’d have to cut off any additional sign-ins in order to wrap up by 5PM. “The hotel was extremely gracious to allow us to use the space,” said Goodmiller, “but we did have to keep our end of the bargain and be out by 5PM.” He added, “Some of the auditions were a bit loud; we didn’t want to scare the hotel guests. Literally.”

19W marketing specialist Nancy Yee elaborated. “Unfortunately, one of the inherent risks with the open casting call format is the steady stream of arrivals throughout the day,” she explained “We obviously hoped to see every single person who came out. The guys were averaging about 14 auditions per hour, which was about as fast as we could hope for.” Nonetheless, those who couldn’t make it to the audition in time are encouraged to email headshots and resumes, and to submit their auditions online via YouTube—where the team had already received submissions from as far away as Spain and Sweden, even before the casting call doors were opened.

The producers and everyone at 19th + Wilson sincerely thank everyone who came to the audition, the Topaz Hotel for providing the venue, and the extended team who tirelessly dedicated their entire weekend to this successful event.

19W Announces Casting Call for “Ghosts Don’t Exist”

“Ghosts Don’t Exist”, a 19th & Wilson production is casting a HD full length horror about a ghost hunter whose wife dies and as a result he loses faith in what he believes — prompting him to retire. However, he decides to take one last case when a potential client makes a guarantee he can’t refuse. When they arrive to the home an unforeseeable and shocking event transpires and they struggle with the decision to keep investigating. See www.ghostsdontexist.com for more info. Please request sides and location of auditions from ghostdontexist@gmail.com and/or gdecasting@19thandwilson.com.

Project: Feature film (Red One)
Location: Metro DC area, Virginia
Union: SAG and Non Union
Pay: Ultra low budget SAG agreement
Audition Date & Location: March 14th & 15th 10am-5pm both days, HOTEL TOPAZ:
1733 N Street,
NW, Washington, DC 20036
Comments: Project marks the debut of NFL’s Washington Redskin player, Chris Cooley as Executive Producer.

Opening title credit roles:

Brett, 30′s male lead. The ghost hunter who is ridden with guilt over not being there for his wife when she died in the hospital. A man who’s looking for redemption after he realizes he’s focused on work more than his family.

David, 40-50, male. A critic of Brett and debunker of paranormal activity. Brett’s annoying antagonist whose only friend is a bottle of scotch.

Jen, 20′s, female. Jen is on the ghost hunting team and wants to believe in the afterlife becuase of a dark secret from her past. However, she’s not exactly fearless and getting through the night on a gig is challenging for her.

Richie, 20-30′s male. Richie is on the ghost hunting team and is in it for the money. His sense of humor helps ease the tension during an investigation.

Kurt, 30′s, male. Kurt is Brett’s best friend and was there with Brett’s wife the night she passed away.

Travis Garner, 40-50, male. Travis is the mysterious client and homeowner who makes Brett a guarantee that he’ll find the evidence he’s been looking for.