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19w Announces a Greenlight for “Ghosts Don’t Exist”

After spending most of 2008 raising funds, 19th & Wilson is pleased to announce that Ghosts Don’t Exist is moving into preproduction phase (with production slated for May of this year). Thus far, production locations will be in the Metro DC area. 19W is now accepting applications for crew (gaffers, grips, Pas, etc.). Soon we will announce the date for casting calls, which will most likely be in March.

We would like to thank Executive Producers Chris Cooley and James Mercurio for their support, and Producer Tanner Cooley for his significant work on championing the project. We also would like to recognize Tony Cord and Chadleon Booker for their assistance and hosting a great 19W event.

We are excited about the production and feel it creates an opportunity in the DC area for indie film and other businesses that support the arts. Having said that, we are now seeking restaurants/caterers to sponsor a day of food for our film in exchange for credit and publicity. We plan to have certain days when media (such as the popular ESPN show E60) will be on set—this would be great exposure for a local restaurant. Any other businesses that feel they could help the production—please do not hesitate to contact us.

We would like to thank all who continue to support us, and especially thank the following people who have signed on and made the production possible:

The Cooley Zone
Drew Crowder, NVblu, Inc./Live-blu.com
Edwin Espejo, Unisys
John Duffy, Compass Group
Pete Buttecali, Woodpile Studios
Art Bond
Rob and Bonnie Huie
Nitin Adsul, Darrel Cox, Clark McMillian of East West Films
Jason Fabini, Washington Redskins
Jason Cole, DC Hosts

Ghosts Don’t Exist… at the Shadowroom!

Washington DC’s Shadowroom opened its doors Sunday night for an exclusive red carpet investors event and after-party—all for 19th + Wilson’s upcoming feature film, Ghosts Don’t Exist.

On hand were Executive Producers Chris Cooley and James Mercurio, as well as hosts Tony Cord and Chadleon Booker. An array of interested investors as well as local media assembled to hear Cooley, Director Eric Espejo, and CEO Aaron Goodmiller describe this unique independent film opportunity, which is expected to greenlight on February 1st. “I’m excited to be a part of this—it’s something I’m definitely going to have fun with during the off-season,” said the popular Washington Redskins Pro-Bowl tight end. Cooley explained how he and brother Tanner came to be part of the team of producers, while Espejo elaborated on the risks and rewards associated with independent filmmaking—making a clear case for the film’s potential success. “We’ve always said that it starts with a great story, and that’s what we have,” said Espejo. “A script that made it into the top 15% of the Oscar’s Nicholls Fellowship competition—the most prestigious screenwriting competition in the nation.”

Eric reiterated the significance of not only hiring one of the top script consultants in the country, but actually signing James Mercurio on as an Executive Producer. “Everyone knows in business it’s important to surround yourself with the right team. We’re surrounding ourselves with dedicated and successful professionals who know how to follow through on a project.” Espejo also expressed the team’s thanks to Tony Cord and Chadleon Booker, who hosted the event at the elite Shadowroom lounge, and who were key in making it such a success.

Goodmiller outlined the investment package options, explaining the team’s goal of raising the $250,000 budget from $5,000 units. “One of the key selling points is the fact that all initial income for the film goes toward repaying the investors first,” he said. “That’s a priority for us.” In addition, after the investors have been repaid, the profits will be split 50/50 between the investors and 19th + Wilson. “The LLC is set up to truly benefit everyone involved.”

NBC4′s Lindsay Czarniak and Dan Hellie were on hand to interview Cooley about his involvement in the project; and Washington Post sports blogger Dan Steinberg attended as well, posting a story the following morning. Washington Capitals stars Nicklas Bäckström and Mike Green also showed up to lend their support, much to the delight of hockey fans in the room—including the 19W team itself.

The after-party lasted until the wee hours of the morning, but the resounding message that potential investors left with was the quality of the story and solid backing behind Ghosts Don’t Exist—and its potential. Citing the 2003 indie, Open Water, (a film made for $130,000, bought for $2.5 million, and earned $30 million) Espejo drew parallels. “Open Water is the perfect example of a horror that sells because of the story,” he remarked. “There weren’t any big names attached. Not a big director. They shot it in Mini DV, which people use for their weddings. Yet it sold, because of the great premise.”

“And I believe we have a great one,” Espejo added. “Jim Mercurio believes in it. Chris Cooley believes in it. Tony Cord and Chad Booker believe in it.”

19th & Wilson

Ghosts Don’t Exist Live

The independent film being talked about by Washingtonian and Redskin fans now has a live website. With the signing of NFL’s Chris Cooley as Executive Producer, the 19th & Wilson film Ghosts Don’t Exist is moving full steam ahead and they’d like to encourage you to visit www.ghostsdontexist.com. Bear in mind that the intro page has sound, so be sure to listen as well.

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Thank you for your support!

Ghosts Don’t Exist investors meeting

19th & Wilson held its first investors meeting at Champps in Reston VA on Sep.18th. In attendance were Executive Producers Chris Cooley and James P. Mercurio, as well as producer Tanner Cooley. The meeting was well received as Jim, Aaron, and Eric spoke to potential investors about the project. If you’d like to find out more about how you can get involved feel free to email contact@19thandwilson.com

Chris Cooley to Executive Produce 19th & Wilson’s “Ghosts Don’t Exist”

19th & Wilson is pleased to announce the addition of two new producers to our latest feature film project, “Ghosts Don’t Exist”. Joining the team are Executive Producer Chris Cooley and Producer Tanner Cooley. Chris – a Pro Bowl player with the Washington Redskins – is widely recognized as one of the NFL’s elite tight ends in the game today. Tanner is an entrepreneur, and is Chris’ brother and business partner. Their hard work, dedication and commitment to excellence have brought them great success thus far, and will undoubtedly propel this exciting project forward.

19W is still securing additional funding and aims to be in pre-production in Q4 of 2008. To find out more about 19th & Wilson and how you can be a part of this project and independent film, please check www.19w.com.

For more on Chris Cooley, be sure to visit www.chriscooley47.com.

Be on the lookout for more in the press about this unique venture, and as always, we appreciate your support.

The Team at 19th & Wilson

19W Hosts “Killer Endings to Killer Movies” Event With James Mercurio

On July 17th, local filmmakers, actors, screenwriters, and investors braved heavy thunderstorms to attend 19th & Wilson’s “Killer Endings to Killer Movies” event at the beautiful JW Marriott in Washington DC. Most had pre-purchased their tickets for just $10, and were treated to a wealth of information from two very special sources: entertainment lawyer Kirk Schroder and respected script consultant James P. Mercurio –the type of program that usually takes place only in Los Angeles or New York. The exclusive event was organized by 19th & Wilson as part of a networking initiative for the local film community.

Attorney Kirk Schroder began the evening by giving an overview of the many legal pitfalls that filmmakers encounter, and opened the floor to questions from an eager audience. “This is fantastic,” one attendee commented. “I just got terrific legal advice for my film project, and it was free!” The ensuing Q & A session was brief, however, due to limited time. “I wish we had more time to devote to this,” said guest speaker Jim Mercurio. “I had a lot of questions I wanted to ask him myself!”

Mercurio took the stage for the main event, a two-hour presentation on screenwriting and financing film. The engaging Mercurio (known for the bestselling Screenwriter’s Expo DVD “Killer Endings”) treated the audience to his unique views on film; illustrating the keys to crafting a memorable, effective story. He then explained how filmmakers can secure financing for their projects, and showed the benefits of investing in film. Meticulous notes were taken by everyone in the room as Mercurio essentially gave a clinic, shifting between a comprehensive Powerpoint presentation to actual clips from films such as LA Confidential.

Several guests stayed long after the program to talk film with Jim and the 19W team, and many expressed their gratitude for the event and interest in attending future conferences. “A lot of folks really thanked us for what they got out of this,” said 19W producer Richard Friend. “This was a very informative session for us all, and we’re glad we had the opportunity to host it.”

Jim Mercurio recently produced “Hard Scrambled” starring Kurtwood Smith (Robocop, That 70s Show) and Richard Edson (Do the Right Thing), and is one of the leading script consultants in the country. He has signed on to executive produce 19th & Wilson’s upcoming feature, “Ghosts Don’t Exist”. You can learn more about him at www.jamespmercurio.com.

James Mercurio to Executive Produce 19th & Wilson’s “Ghosts Don’t Exist”

After meeting with 19w president, Aaron Goodmiller, and VP Eric Espejo, James Mercurio is set to executive produce 19th & Wilson’s horror full length feature, Ghosts Don’t Exist. The pic is written by and will be directed by 19w’s Eric Espejo. Producers at 19w are currently working on obtaining funding for the film and are hard at work in preproduction. James Mercurio is a producer and a well known script consultant with years of experience. James’ latest feature is the film Hard Scrambled starring Kurtwood Smith (That 70′s Show) and Richard Edson (Do the Right Thing), which had its world premiere at Cinequest Film Festival in 2006 and won best dramatic feature at Garden State Film Festival.

More info on Jim: www.jamespmercurio.com

The Department, TechFellas, and Haunted Doll on DVD

The internet hits are now available to you on DVD! Visit our website to get your copy of The Department, TechFellas, and Haunted Doll. If you missed our Networking and a Movie event, now is your chance to see the films by grabbing your DVD copy.

Also available now is our first compilation DVD! FILM5 is a collection of short films from 19th & Wilson, presenting the first five projects from 2002 to 2006. You can purchase it by going to the Filmography section of the www.19thandwilson.com website.

As always, thank you for your support!


19W Meets Martin Scorsese!

With the knowledge that Martin Scorsese was in town, 19th & Wilson’s Eric Espejo, Richard Friend, and Donnie Conty found themselves at the Kennedy Center in Washington DC during the rehearsals for the 30th annual Kennedy Center Honors for the Performing Arts. Legendary director Martin Scorsese was one of five honorees.

After rehearsals for the 2-hour show, which will air December 26th on CBS, the 19W producers had a chance to meet the visionary director for the first time–and had the honor of presenting him with a DVD set that included TechFellas and The Departed!

Understanding the premise of the parodies, Mr. Scorsese examined the DVDs and exclaimed, “This is hilarious! Thank you!” He also recalled an associate as having already seen TechFellas!

Espejo briefly explained the concept and inspiration behind both projects, and how well each has been received online. “They’re internet hits!” replied an enthusiastic Scorsese. “That’s terrific!”

It was a tremendously gratifying experience for Espejo and Friend, who co-wrote both short films and have long admired Scorsese’s iconic work. “To have this chance to meet him, to thank him for what he’s meant to us, and to actually share our work with him–that was special” said Friend.

TechFellas and The Department are both available on DVD at 19W.com.

See all the pictures here:

Networking and a Movie

With the Thanksgiving holiday upon us, we at 19th & Wilson wanted to thank everyone who came out to support us at our Networking and a Movie event. Check out some picture here. It was great to meet everyone and it’s especially exciting to see that there are so many filmmakers in different capacities in the Metro DC region. We hope that everyone had a great time and were able to network with contacts like Paul Sherno and Matt Simpson from Local Point TV, along with President of the Asian Pacific American film festival, Christian Oh. Please be sure to check our website for more information on how you can become involved with independent film.

As a result of the event, Paul Sherno and 19W’s Aaron Goodmiller are in talks to bring TechFellas and The Department to Local Point TV, so please be sure to check for updates on Local Point (www.localpointtv.com). Local Point is on HD air channel 7-3, Comcast channel 205, and Verizon FiOS channel 867.

The Love Story of Henry & Carol production

That’s a mouthful for a title. The Love Story of Henry and Carol (HC for short), is a short film written and directed by 19w’s Eric Espejo, and is his fifth short film. With 2 of the past 3 films being spoofs, the 19W team wanted to get back to telling original stories and as such, this romantic horror is definitely a step in that direction.

Henry and Carol takes us on a journey of the heart. Carol is a loving wife who likes to play games, scaring her husband for fun. When her shenanigans result in dire consequences, she has to confront a life without Henry—but she may just find that loneliness doesn’t always mean you’re alone.

The auditions were held in October and actors Chris Kennedy and Kendra North were cast as Henry and Carol, respectively. HC was shot in one day and one long all-nighter, at a model home provided by Van Metre Homes in Stone Ridge VA. To say the cast and crew worked hard would be an understatement, but they are proud of what they’ve accomplished and are excited to see HC on the screen.