As company founder, Aaron’s many responsibilities are CEO, Producer, Director and Writer. After starting the company in 2001, he assembled the current team and has overseen each project along the way. With a lifelong passion for movies and moviemaking, Aaron takes great pride in the success of 19w. Having been involved as one of the Producers on all of the films produced here, he recently has been diving head first into being Production Manager on their latest films. He has also directed or co-directed six of their short films. He is currently working on pre-pre-production items for their current project that Eric Espejo is writing.

Eric has been involved with 19th & Wilson since 2002. He wrote and directed its first full length feature “Ghosts Don’t Exist” along with eight short films. Attending the Hollywood Film Institute, under the tutelage of Dov Simens, he acquired the valuable knowledge of the artistic and business side of filmmaking. Eric oversees a number of creatives both within and outside of 19w, and has been highly instrumental in guiding the company. An avid and talented screenwriter, he is currently writing their next movie.

A native Washingtonian, Art Director / Designer Richard Friend is a graduate of the Corcoran College of Art + Design, and has been active in the DC-metropolitan design community for over a decade. He has been responsible for the visual identity of each 19th & Wilson film, including print and web promotions. As a producer, he is also a frequent collaborator on projects; and along with Eric Espejo, co-wrote the 19W internet hit, TechFellas.

Donnie has served as Producer, Sound Designer, as well as Composer for 19th & Wilson. A background in music and love for films make him a natural for the role, and he brings a keen sense of detail to every task. A multi-talented musician, Donnie also played rhythm guitar and was a vocalist for a popular Northern Virginia college band.


Nancy serves as Marketing Specialist for 19th and Wilson. Prior to joining the team, she volunteered her time in helping us with some of our earlier projects. Her fascination with filmmaking has kept her mainly behind the scenes, but you may catch a glimpse of her on camera (e.g. IT Never Ends & Happy Hour). Since joining 19th & Wilson in 2008, she has been working steadfastly on Ghosts Don’t Exist, doing everything from coordinating and arranging events to posting and sending out updates to members on the 19th and Wilson group page on Facebook. Her dedication and support to the group is limitless, from setting up casting auditions to cooking jambalaya for 50 people on set.

Earl is the CFO of 19th & Wilson. A graduate of George Mason University majoring in accounting, he has significant experience with tax accounting at major engineering and telecommunications corporations. Earl shares a musical background with 19w Producer Donnie Conty, having played lead guitar and singing lead vocals in the same band! Their music was featured in 19th & Wilson’s I.T. Never Ends.

In Memoriam
Edwin Pontanilla was one of the founding members of 19th & Wilson. He was the writer of “I.T. Never Ends” and the source of many laughs at our meetings and on set. A great colleague and an even better friend, he will be sorely missed. Edwin passed away on January 20th, 2007.

friends of 19w
Demetrius Parker – D’Actor Entertainment – Casting Director

Aaron Bagby – Director of Photography
Adam Johnson – Architect of Sound – Sound Effects & Music

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