Filming Wraps for “Haunted Doll”

19th & Wilson completed filming on December 3rd of the psychological thriller, The Haunted Doll. A new genre to the expanding 19W short film catalog, it follows Tammy, a young suburban housewife and mom who mysteriously receives a doll from her childhood. Its arrival sets off a chain reaction that mirrors a catastrophe from her past–one that could tear her new family apart.

Director Aaron Goodmiller organized a concerted effort, and shot the demanding script–44 setups, to be exact–in just two days. “The cast and crew worked non-stop,” said Aaron.

With 44 setups needing to be done in 2 days, the work was fast and furious. “After the first day we had only done a third of our shots,” The director Aaron Goodmiller said, “The second day turned into setup, shoot, onto the next shot, setup shoot, onto the next shot.”

Abigail Roots, Demetrius Parker and Brandi Moskal portray the family in crisis. The Haunted Doll is also the first 19W film to feature child actors; and they met the often-intense subject matter head on. “There were a number of scenes that were particularly intense,” Goodmiller explains. “Intense not just for the kids, but for everyone on set. It was a tremendous experience.”

The Haunted Doll is in post-production, and is scheduled to premiere in late Spring–just in time for Film Festival season.

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