Lost Laurel

Richard Friend is the resident designer for 19th & Wilson and for the past couple of years has been writing a Blog called “Lost Laurel“. Having grown up in Laurel, MD, he felt that the “good ol’ days” of Laurel were long gone and that somebody needed archive the old signage and stories of that and other eras.

His blog has found a great following and he now has thousands of readers and over 3400 likes on facebook. One of the great things to come out of this is that he now has enough material to put into a book and really preserve all of his work. And with a bunch of his followers pushing him into making it a reality, he decided to go with a KickStarter campaign so that he could gage the amount of demand there might actually be for the book.

Within the first 24 hours, he had half of the campaign funded and had been selected as a Staff Pick.  And by day 3 he was selected as the Project of the day and was fully funded! And while it is fully funded now, each dollar that comes in now actually will continue to help make the book even better.  He’ll be able to add more pages, more pictures, better printing stock, maybe even make it a hard back book.  So if you are interested in the history of Laurel, MD or just want to help get this book made in the best possible way, then I suggest helping out this campaign.

A couple of weeks ago, 19W went out and shot and edited some footage to help Rich with the campaign. It was very interesting to walk around with Rich getting all of this footage.  Eric Espejo and I got our own personal walk through of the town and it’s history. And it was very interesting to say the least.  With all of the great footage we got along with the photos and voice over, Eric was able to put together a great intoduction video for the campaign.  Check it out below, and make sure you check out the KickStarter campaign as well!


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