What’s Up With 19th & Wilson

You may ask, what’s been going on with 19th & Wilson? Why haven’t I been spammed by them lately? Well, we haven’t had an update in awhile because we have definitely been busy. Our very own Eric Espejo met with Producers and Managers in Los Angeles. Yes, you heard correctly, he was on the lot and offices of Universal and Warner Bros. The pitch went very well, so well that the Producers have all agreed to read Left Clique and Bunnyman Bridge. The Producers are from Fortress Entertainment, Catchlight Films, Inspired By Films, Sentinel Entertainment, and Magnet Management. Eric has been working diligently on a rewrite of Left Clique and Bunnyman Bridge. We’ll be sure to keep everyone posted on the development of those leads.

On another note, our very own Producer and Graphic Designer, Richard Friend, has worked hard to get our MySpace pages looking great. Check out our MySpace presence in the form of all of our pages.

Our Techfellas page, that featured our parody of Goodfellas, was viewed by Palak Patel at Spring Creek Productions and he contacted us to say he thoroughly enjoyed Techfellas. He then asked if we had any projects or scripts to send him. Wow! What a contact to make off of MySpace. Palak is a producer at a company responsible for Analyze This, Monster In-Law, and the new Leo Di Caprio flick Blood Diamonds. This contact led Eric to the other Producers in LA.

More news…Aaron Goodmiller and Eric Espejo are going to submit applications to Mark Burnett’s new reality competition “On the Lot” (www.thelot.com), with Steven Spielberg. Should Aaron and/or Eric make it, for some lucky reason, then be sure to vote for them!

Make sure to stay in touch, and thanks for your support. Feel free to subscribe to our newsletter, and/or send us feedback.

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